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The logo is a fundamental piece in the identity of any brand, as it is the visual representation of its personality and values. But how do you know if you have created a good logo that really works for your brand? Here are four ways to know if you have a good logo:

The logo is in vectors: One of the clearest signs of a good logo is that it is designed in vector format. This means that it can be scaled to any size without losing quality or sharpness. Logos in rasterized formats, such as JPG or PNG, can look blurry or pixelated when enlarged too much. It is important to ensure that our logo has been generated in vectors to ensure that it always looks perfect.

It can be distinguished from a distance: Another way to know if we have a good logo is by testing its legibility. A well-designed logo should be able to be distinguished from a distance and have a good presence both in large and small sizes. For this, it is recommended to try the logo in different sizes and distances, ensuring that it maintains its legibility and visual coherence.

It represents the brand: A good logo should be able to communicate the personality and values of the brand it represents. It must be consistent with the image we want to project and reflect the attributes and emotions associated with our brand. If our logo doesn’t communicate what we want, it’s necessary to re-evaluate its design.

Durability: Lastly, a good logo must be durable. It should be timeless and resistant to passing trends. A good logo should be able to remain current for a long time and not require constant changes. It is important that our logo does not become obsolete quickly and that we can continue to use it for years.

A good logo must be designed in vectors, be legible from a distance, represent the brand and be durable. If it meets these characteristics, you can be sure that you have an effective logo that is consistent with your brand’s personality.



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